Mr Kiran Jumani is an ENT Consultant Surgeon who practices at the Barts Health NHS Trust. He is the Specialty Research Lead for ENT in the North Thames CRN, National Institute for Health Research. 

He provides a full ENT practice (for adults and children), and his expertise is Surgery for outer, middle and inner ear disease (paediatric and adult otology). He has operated on more than 500 cases of cholesteatoma. His patients benefit from a minimal mastoid cavity size and disease eradication from difficult to access areas with skilled use of an otoendoscope. He is experienced in the restoration of hearing using various prosthesis/implants. He also set up the balance clinic at Sunderland which provided treatment to numerous patients presenting with vertigo/dizziness.

Mr Jumani has a holistic approach which is reflected in his practice. He has more than 18 years of experience in ENT surgery. He trained in the North of England and has worked at the Sunderland Royal Hospital and James Cook University Hospital. He gained experience in managing patients with chronic rhinosinusitis and nasal tumours with FESS (Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery and Endoscopic intranasal tumour resection/nasal polypectomy). He also trained and gained expertise in open rhinoplasty procedures for nasal deformities, cosmetic enhancement and septal surgery.

Mr Jumani began his career at the Armed Forces Medical College, Pune, India and was later appointed as an Assistant Professor at the St. Johns' Medical College hospital, Bangalore. He undertook tracheal reconstructive surgery for laryngotracheal stenosis, extensive sinus surgery for fungal sinusitis (mucormycosis) and attended to a large volume of neck abscesses. He was involved in the training programme for both undergraduate medical students and postgraduate ENT trainees.

Mr Jumani has been involved in research and has authored chapters in textbooks and published several papers. He presented at the World Association of sleep medicine - Second World Congress his study on cephalometric variables in obstructive sleep apnoea that was also published in the Sleep Medicine journal. 

Mr Kiran Jumani strives to provide his knowledge and skill in clear, understandable choices so his patients are able to make informed decisions about their individual circumstances. By understanding the natural history of a disease fully, one is truly able to ascertain what the right treatment option is best in each situation or leave things well alone. Typically Mr Kiran Jumani will recommend choices of either expectant management if appropriate or safer medical therapies first before opting for a surgical option.